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  • Anonymous asked : People are saying Stiles is being OOC with the way he's treating Liam so insensitively this season, that JD is trying too hard to make Stiles funny and as such is making the character obnoxious. What's your opinion?



    • roll my eyes and say “yea there’s a million songs about heartbreak” when my best friend is literally having a panic attack over his now-ex-girlfriend who was also his anchor
    • chain my best friend to a radiator and give him a dog bowl full of water because i’m mad that he was driven out of his mind by the coming full moon (which i was aware was happening) because he made out with my longtime crush (aka the girl i have assumed some sort of silent claim on) and i wanted to punish him and dehumanize him in the process
    • suggest multiple times that the best way to get rid of a threat to the town is by KILLING a teenager who has no idea about the harm that he’s causing
    • snap at and mock a fellow classmate of mine when i find out that he was harmed in a supernatural incident that happened at school
    • bring up isaac’s history as a child abuse victim like it’s something that has any right to be joked about MORE THAN ONCE
    • shout at lydia to try and force her to accept that she’s “something” when she’s clearly hesitant to accept it AND/OR is trying her best and probably doesn’t deserve to be yelled at
    • "derek’s the way he is because some little girl broke his heart?" as said in the most sneering, unimpressed voice known to man.
    • throwing derek’s history of dating more than one mass murderer in his face in front of several people as if it’s derek’s fault that jennifer kidnapped stiles’s dad
    • clearly being annoyed with/unimpressed by kira and thinking that she’s kind of an idiot to begin with 
    • 10000% of his treatment of and reaction to the patients in eichen house which was characterized largely by a scrunched up, disturbed expression and several “funny” quips about things those people couldn’t help

    — STILINSKI IS “TOO INSENSITIVE???” with LIAM?????? goddamn son LIAM’S CHARACTER TYPE HAS ALWAYS BEEN THE TYPE STILES IS MOST INSENSITIVE TO!!!! pretty, strong dude characters who are too arrogant and also unpredictable? that describes not only liam but ALSO jackson AND derek!!! i would be MORE concerned about stiles’s characterization if he DIDN’T act like a GIANT SHITLORD at liam right now okay? that’s not to say that i don’t want him to warm up to him at some point, but stiles is seeing liam right now as someone who could hurt a  LOT of people, and stiles doesn’t have the faith in him that he has always had in scott, yknow? stiles is first and foremost kind of a cynic, i think, and he’s still kind of in intimidation mode with liam.

    (ALSO note, all of the examples above, i realize the REASONS for why stiles did a lot of them and behaved that way— that doesn’t change that he was insensitive about it)

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  • “what is JUST in a world
    you‘ve ripped in two
    as if there could be
    a half for me
    a half for you
    what is FAIR when
    there is nothing
    left to share
    what is YOURS when
    your pain is mine to bear
    this sad math is mine
    this mad path is mine
    subtract they say
    don‘t cry
    back to the desk
    forget addition
    and i reply
    this is why

    - Lena Duchannes, Beautiful Chaos

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